Monday, November 29, 2010

Exactly Why I Have a Hard Time Whining About the new Green Lantern Movie Trailer

Our Valued Customers reminds us:  Don't be That Guy

Regarding the Green Lantern Movie Trailer:

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J.S. said...

Yeah, I like fun. I can go with fun. But what's fun? Does the new GL trailer really make the movie look fun? The Iron Man movies were fun, but well executed. I'm not sure the new GL movie is going to live up to that standard.

The League said...

I think its a lot harder to show "fun" in a trailer. That said, I'm not sure the trailer is actually what I would have wanted to see, but given the lighter tone they seem to be taking - this was aimed at the very wide net of the Harry Potter crowd, btw-, I'm trying to hold off on my "WTF, DC?" comments until trailer #2 arrives.

The League said...

And I'd point out, the aside from Iron Man flying with jets, the first Iron Man trailers looked pretty dorky, too. Whereas, Superman Returns had great trailers, and people really did not care for that movie.