Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Dug and I watched (and Tweeted) the Prequel to "Santa Buddies"

So, you may recall that last year The Dug, K, Jamie and myself watched and reviewed Disney's 9th or 10th installment in the Air Bud series, Santa Buddies.  No longer about a lively golden retriever who can shoot free throws (because this was an actual thing, and it was kind of neat), by the time Santa Buddies rolled around, the original Bud is out of the picture and The Buddies, his offspring, are now CGI'd little monsters who have been in space.  In Santa Buddies, they meet Santa, Santa Paws and Puppy Paws.

Read here.  Or, you know, here.

Well, today we watched Disney's Buddies-free Prequel to Santa Buddies and live-tweeted the movie.  And had a cocktail or three.

You can read our review at One Wall Cinema!

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