Monday, December 20, 2010

Stay Up Late or Interrupted Sleep? Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

I think I'm just going to stay up late, but this evening will see a total lunar eclipse around 12:30 AM Central time.

I plan to see this as a sign that the gods are angry with us, and use this as an excuse to smite the non-believers.

For more info on the Eclipse, check out the Star Date website.


Simon MacDonald said...

I haven't read my Bible in awhile but isn't a lunar eclipse and winter solstice on the same day one of the signs of Santa coming a day early? I think that was covered in their somewhere.

The League said...

I think that's just in the "Canadian Enhanced" version, that also includes the thing about "And, yea, ye shall have a a whole region that speaks French for some reason...".

J.S. said...

I hate to rain on the parade, but they said on the news this morning that in Austin we were likely to have cloud cover tonight and that the lunar eclipes was not likely to be visible.

The League said...

well, maybe that just means I'll actually get some sleep tonight.