Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Noir City Christmas

There are many reasons I wish I lived in San Francisco/ The Bay Area.  Its prominence as a world hub of innovation and technology.  The amazing mix of cultures.  Sea lions.  So many sea lions.  Architecture and history.  Increased opportunity to pop in on Steven and Lauren and eat all their food.  Could secretly live in Dug and K's basement for weeks before they'd notice.  Local law-enforcement's encouragement of recreation of scenes from "Bullit".  All the sourdough and Rice-a-Roni one could eat.  Would see it on local news when Mythbusters finally accidentally blow themselves up.

But today:  I wish I could be in town for the Noir City Cruel Yule and back again in January for the Noir City Film Festival

What better way to ring in the holidays than with dangerous dames, pistols and tough talk?*  If you're in the Bay Area, I highly recommend checking out the programs Eddie Muller and co. have put together to keep one of the great cinematic traditions alive.

*actually, this may be my Christmas with Jamie, anyway


Jenifer said...

I'll be there for both!

The League said...

Seriously? Aw, man. I am jealous. Write in and let us know how it goes!

Steven said...

Lauren and I are thinking we'll try to make the cruel yule as well. The Castro theatre is a gem and if we're lucky, we'll have an organ performance before the show (as we had for "Iron Man 2"). Thanks for keeping us up to date on the events 'round town.

The League said...

Man, I wish I could be there. Unfortunately, Lauren will probably learn a bit more about how to become a femme fatale watching these movies. This will end poorly for you when you find out you've been a sucker all along and she's using you as part of a scam to get her real boyfriend out of San Quentin.

The only question is, how will you turn the tables on them?