Monday, February 7, 2011

Catching up on Sunday and Monday

Sorry for the lack of posting on Sunday or Monday.

Sunday we watched the Super Bowl and ate until we threw up. No, I was not enamored with any particular Super Bowl ads, and, no... I don't like the Black Eyed Peas in general, or Christina Aguilera, so I see no reason to bag on them in particular now when enough people like them that they got hired to do the Super Bowl (even if both performances were sort of disastrous).

As per the actual game, I used to be a big Green Bay fan, but slacked off my viewing the past... 8 years or so. So, yes, I cheered for them and was pleased they won.

On Monday night, Jamie and I went to a screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a seminal movie for sci-fi nerds, film score dorks, Dreyfus goons and Devil's Tower and mashed potato enthusiasts.

srsly, geology?
The screening was part of a "Film Score Focus" series, hosted by the guy who runs a radio show here on our local classical station, KMFA.  The program is dedicated to understanding film music. As my film score knowledge extends only to about six composers (one of whom may or may not be Prince), and I'm usually pre-occupied on Sundays, I rarely hear the show, but its a good time when I do tune in.

If you've never seen Close Encounters of the Third Kind, its Spielberg's wish-fulfillment movie about an unlikely way to get out of a dead-end marriage without involving Kate Capshaw. Wait, that is not what its about at all.*

Its about "Ohmigodlook. UFOs!"

The movie has a killer score and is just a lovely, optimistic film that makes you wonder: What happened between this and Hook, Steven?  I do think the movie might be a smidge dated at this point in structure, audio design, etc...  but that's okay.  The story itself is compelling enough and detailed enough that its still a good watch.

So, anyway. No real review. No real post.  Thanks to SimonUK for coming out for the show!

*Because the most fantastical idea is that Teri Garr circa 1977 would be someone I'd want to escape.


Fantomenos said...

No love for the Vader kid using the force on the volkswagon?

The League said...

I'd seen the Star Wars ad a dozen times leading up to the Superbowl.

Honestly, I was far more taken by the "SpotBot" by Bissell, demonstarted during the Puppy Bowl. 3 pets in our house and all.

Dug said...

Ugh, the Vader kid ad was so phoned-in and predictable. Maybe you need to have a kid or something, but... ugh.

Paul Toohey said...

No Francois Truffaut love?

The League said...

Of the SuperBowl ads, I liked the Vader kid, I'd justs een it before. I thought it was cute enough.I guess in comparison to the "whoops, that's offensive" thing GroupOn tried, it was Citizen Kane.

And I know Truffaut by name and reputation, but I really don't think I've seen any of his films. But I always liked the casting as Lacombe, sure.

Simon MacDonald said...

I was very happy to see Green Bay win the super bowl for my Dad's sake and to give the knife in Brett Farve's gut one final twist. Man, I've got an unnatural hate on for Farve now.

The final word on the BEP performance has to be from my 69 year old Dad who "I thought it was great!" If that doesn't say it all I don't know what would.

Also, do you have a Simon in every country?

The League said...

Not every country, but I have agents in Uruguay, Lichtenstein, the Ukraine, and Mongolia. All named Simon.