Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GL Halloween Costumes Are Astoundingly Bad

If these are our intergalactic saviors, we are in trouble
Well, this just doesn't inspire much confidence or say "Galactic Guardian" to me.  Looks like promo images for Halloween costumes are already making their way to buyers, and costumes from the summer film Green Lantern are making the rounds.

First:  That is not the actual head of the guy on the left.  That dude's head is way out of proportion, and his body is lit and colored much differently than his head.

Second:  Good lord, why did you paint abs onto those sack-like outfits?  Its just a reminder of what is not happening under the flame retardant material.

Third:  The white dots on the fellow on the left make it seem as if he's supposed to be an animal of some sort.

Fourth:  The Sinestro mask looks less like Sinestro and more like "Functionary from a post William Powell Hollywood picture".

Fifth:  I will be very curious to see what kid and/ or party-going adult says "Oh, @#$%, yes.  I'm gonna be Sinestro!".  You know how I would have been Sinestro as a kid?  Jason would have found the GL costumes, and I would want to be Hal, also, and he'd be all like "no, no.  We can't both be Hal.  You can be Sinestro."  And then when the sequel rolled around, I'd be all sad because, @#$%...  Sinestro.

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J.S. said...

Say what you will, but if they had used these costumes in the actual movie I think I might be a lot more excted about its upcoming release.