Thursday, December 15, 2011

End of the Year List?

You know, I don't want to do a "best of" list, because, seriously, I didn't watch that many movies or TV shows, read that many books, etc...

So, instead, here's sort of a list of stuff I liked this year.

Friday Night Lights - final season.  The show nobody watched while it was on, but everyone seems to be finding now.  The show wound up on a great note, bringing together years of storylines.
Louis - Louis CK's odd non-sitcom.  Its on FX, its critically acclaimed and lightly watched, but its maybe the closest to a singular vision you're going to find on TV.
Game of Thrones - I wasn't expecting much, and instead I got totally wrapped up in the show.  And started rationalizing reasons why it was okay to like the really pretty bad bad-guys.  Peter Dinklage was terrific.
American Horror Story - gets a mention because so many people didn't give it a chance, and until the penultimate episode, it was one seriously messed up show that was way more entertaining than I was guessing (your mileage will vary).  Also, its show #2 on the list featuring Connie Britton.
The League - I don't even think this show is terribly good, but it is funny in a misanthropic, semi-nihilistic sort of way.
Park and Rec - This show has always been pretty solid, but this year it hit a particular stride, even with the tragic loss of Lil' Sebastian (RIP).
Adventure Time - I would try to explain this show, but the only way you're going to find out about it is if your kids tune in.  You'll enjoy it/ get it more than they will.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold - Probably my favorite show on TV this year, and it went out with a bang.

There were a lot of good shows.  I didn't talk about my perennial favorite Mythbusters, for example.  What else can you say in season 8 or whatever they're on?

Movies (first run at the theater)
Drive - This one hit so many of my personal buttons for a movie, they might as well have asked me what I thought I'd like to see in a crime flick.
Hugo - Likely the best bit of direction I've seen in a couple of years, and a true piece of art talking about art. And, of course, its flopping.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes - APES.
Attack the Block - this one was such a pleasant surprise, I likely overhyped it.  But it was a nice contrast to the nostalgic Super 8.
Captain America - My favorite superhero movie in a while

Movies (on my TV or elsewhere)
The Glass Key - just a kick-ass bit of crime cinema
The Hustler - I am kicking myself for waiting so long to see this movie.  Absolutely brilliant.
Gun Crazy - Those crazy kids.  They almost made it work.  Except for all the gunplay and murder.
Night of the Hunter - Hey!  Its also sort of a Christmas movie!

Oh, I don't know.  They've all been fine.

Ha ha ha.  No.

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