Sunday, September 9, 2012

No Post Sunday Night

Y'all, I was pretty pathetic this weekend.  I accidentally knocked myself out with Benadryl on Friday night and slept (more or less) from 8 PM until 8:30 AM.  I'm also still sick, but in this weird, pathetic way that just involves a dry, wheezing cough.

Because I can read the boxes on over the counter medications, after 5-7 days of persistent symptoms this being day 6, I have sought medical help, and I am now on an antibiotic, because that's what they do when "go home" doesn't sound very good.  The good news is that I don't have pneumonia, which I was glad I had not thought about until the doctor said "pneumonia, you don't have it".

Anyway, I have a very early meeting at work tomorrow, and I'm going to bed super early, and I didn't really do anything worth mentioning over the weekend, so, there you go.

this would be a meeting worth getting up for
Also, congrats to the UT Longhorns who waited for me not to watch them to win a game 45-0 against Los Lobos of New Mexico.

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If there's anything more daunting than a Godzilla it's a Mechagodzilla...