Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reminder: Register to VOTE (in the U.S. of A.)

It's National Voter Registration Day!

No matter your political stripe, if you live in the U.S., you've had your 18th birthday, and you aren't in prison, it's time to put on your Civic Duty pants and get to the polls.

Seriously, people.  For most of humanity's history, "democracy" hasn't really been an option.  It's been mostly thugs assuring you that the state or some deity has instilled them with magical wisdom and to question that wisdom is a pretty good reason to cut off your head before you become a problem child.

Not so in America!  Here, we just yell at each other in all caps in the comment sections of newspaper articles or post disagreeable comments to one another's facebook walls.

We may forego the right to private political opinions at seemingly every juncture, but in Rome you had to publicly cast your vote.  Which sometimes ended very badly for the guy getting beaten up or murdered as he left the polling location.  That @#$% was CRAZY.

So.  The election is coming.  Time is short.  You have to be registered a full month ahead of the election, which is November 6th, by the way.

Even today in other countries people get beaten up and shot at just for trying to make it to the polls.  YOU have to fill out a webform and take 30 minutes off from work, and your boss has to give you the thirty minutes or get renditioned.  Heck, I'm early voting, so I'm walking two blocks across campus to have my say.  Women, y'all have only been able to vote for 100 years.  Don't embarrass your fore-mothers who fought hard for the vote (and then took away our right to drink.  So I'm still sorting that one out.).

Oh, and see if you can get educated on the ballot before going in.  Man, that's always a challenge for me.  I hate walking in and seeing propositions for which I am not prepared to cast an informed vote.  Get informed.

You know who doesn't want you to vote?

this guy
Do not fall for Bane's tricks!  VOTE.

You know who does want for you to vote?

Let's say we're voting in Batman's name, and less actually FOR Batman

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