Monday, February 2, 2015

Artist Norm Breyfogle recovering from stroke

If you're anywhere near my age and you read comics in the 1980's, then you know the work of artist Norm Breyfogle.  Norm Breyfogle and Jim Aparo were some of the definitive 1980's Bat-artists - Aparo leaning more to the Neal Adams illustrative mold and Breyfogle's work more impressionistic and visceral.

Breyfogle's lines in Batman evoked energy and action, something he also brought to page layout and panel management.  He has a keen sense of design that even the better illustrative artists couldn't always bring to the page.  It's something a lot of artists could stand to study a bit.

a pretty awesome 2-page spread

Also, I loved Breyfogle's various concepts for the Batmobile.

Batman feels age creeping in as he tries partying too hard on a Wednesday night

Alfred, not afraid of taking out a few cats

For one of those reasons I never fully understand, DC pulled Breyfogle off the Batman titles and his work has shown up at DC only sporadically since that time.  I know Breyfogle keeps busy and when I've looked into getting a commission, his dance card seemed really full.

Unfortunately, back in December, Breyfogle suffered a stroke.  Thinks looked pretty bad, but he lives near family, and so folks rallied and his brother set up a fundraiser.  The good news is that Norm is getting better and is dealing well with the changes that have occurred since his stroke.  But he's got medical bills, and as a freelance artist, those bills are nothing to sneeze at.

It's likely that if you were an 80's and 90's Batman fan, you probably have great memories of Breyfogle's work.

If you can spare a few bucks, Norm Breyfogle could use your help.  Not Bruce Wayne millions, but maybe what you'd spend on a trade paperback or two.  Here's an article that includes Norm actually looking quite well for a guy who had a stroke.

And, if you like, here's the link to the Norm Breyfogle fundraiser page.

We're hoping Norm Breyfogle a good year and a productive recovery.  And looking forward to his work to come.

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