Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Brandon Routh re-suits up as The Atom

From The Beat

Routh has been appearing on Arrow as Dr. Ray Palmer and now he's taking it up a notch.

I quite like The Atom, especially as a team character, and there's something really great about Routh getting a chance to play the character.  He seems like he really fits the bill, personality wise.

And this is a character I can appreciate wearing a weird, overly engineered costume for all the science-fiction-y reasons you could come up with that would tie to a guy who can shrink down small enough to slide between electrons.

Very excited about this as part of the Flash/ Arrow TV universe.


Simon MacDonald said...

It looks a bit Iron Man like but it makes sense considering he shrinks down to the size of an atom. I wonder if there will be exo-skeleton explanation as to why he needs it as maybe he can't support his own mass when he shrinks down?

Anyway, it does look pretty slick and I like the subtle A on the front.

The League said...

Yeah, I was thinking something like that or to "contain the white dwarf star energy around the body" or some such. It's also got a little atom diagram on his forehead, so I'm pretty pleased.