Sunday, March 19, 2017

Artist Bernie Wrightson Has Merged With The Infinite

Artist Bernie Wrightson of Swamp Thing, Frankenstein and Cycle of the Werewolf fame, has passed.  He had been fighting cancer for some time.

It's hard to explain the impact his work had on the pop-culture consciousness.  He made a huge mark when he broke big when I was a little kid (if not before), and the impact of his work has influenced everyone who has worked in horror or the macabre, be it in comics, illustration or even movie make-up.  His Frankenstein's Monster is the most accurate to the book of any interpretation (and his illustrated version of the novel is astonishing), he co-created the Swamp Thing with Len Wein,   And with Stephen King, he created one of the most fascinating horror artifacts of the 1980's with the prestige art/ novella book, Cycle of the Werewolf.

As word of his passing hit twitter, all manner of artists and creators were mourning.  Mark Waid.  Bill Sienkiewicz.  Tim Doyle.  Rick Baker.

A few years back I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Wrightson.  He lives somewhere in the Austin, TX vicinity, and he came in to sign copies of his project with Steve Niles, Frankenstein, Alive, Alive!  Of course I got him to sign some additional items as well, including my copy of Frankenstein.

Here's to one of the greats of the past several decades.  Mr. Wrightson will be missed, but I am absolutely certain his work and the legacy he created will carry on for quite some time.

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