Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018 from The Signal Watch

Let's do this

Thanksgiving is actually supposed to be about being grateful at harvest-time for what we *do* have, and how we can share that with our fellow humans.  After all, it was President Lincoln who instated Thanksgiving during the dark days of The Civil War as a balm to the nation's ills and a reminder of what was good and how we could look to those less fortunate as we recognized our good fortune.

The holiday is expressed in many ways, from meals provided by volunteers to the needy to people trying to fly across the country in terrible weather to spend three uncomfortable days with extended family and then fly back, more exhausted than when we left.  As part of the crass commercialism that *is* American freetime, of course there's also a tradition of watching football (and therefore ads) and the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade from New York City (and therefore ads).

I know this holiday is stressful, and we make it harder on ourselves through heightened expectations and overbooking with the best of intentions.  And, of course, we get together with family - which is different from people we choose.  I am fortunate to get along with my fam, and we're pretty good at managing awkward conversations these days.

My plans are minimal but I'm pretty happy to have a chance to relax, see folks, watch a football game or three, decorate for Christmas, watch a parade (god bless, ya, Rockettes), and find excuses to go back for thirds on turkey.

Anyway - I hope that you're spending this Thanksgiving the way you like and can find things - especially in a year so tumultuous - for which to be grateful and give thanks.  I've got a list as long as my arm, something that grows every year.

As always, first and foremost, I'm thankful for another year of good health and good times with Jamie.  And, of course, same with all my family that doesn't live in this house.

I have a day job that I find fascinating and challenging, and ultimately, rewarding.  And that ain't nothing.

I'm also grateful for the great friends who've been contributors as we've gone down the path of PodCasting - that's work, y'all.  And they've done it with enthusiasm and joy.  I expect we'll see more and bigger and better in the year to come.

I want to thank all the listeners and readers, social media folk and whatnot, all of whom I consider pals. 

And, I have good friends who aren't a part of any of this blogging/ PodCasting nonsense, who won't ever see this, but who are just as big a part of our life here at League HQ.

There's a ton more to be thankful for, but I won't get into those details.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Rockettes are usually on just before the parade comes through on NBC, so get through the other Broadway stuff and then they'll show up.

you have your Thanksgiving traditions, I have mine

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