Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Great "Big Red Cake" Taste Test - Part 2: Jamie Boogaloo

We covered some major territory in Part 1 of the Big Red Cake Taste Test.  But here at League HQ, we understand that science needs to be double-checked, and so we've signed up our better half to help calibrate the testing of tastes.

Jamie is a far pickier eater than myself.  She will decide well before she's seen, smelled or tasted a food that it is going to be "gross".  This is an ongoing battle in our house and has been waged relentlessly since Clinton's first term.*

But she will do taste tests.  I cannot imagine why, but she will.  Or steal a drink of my beer if I mention that I liked it.  She is a beer stealer.

She was the one who found the cake at HEB, but it was texted with a message like "barf!", to which I responded "BRING ME THE CAKE".  And, so, here is Part 2 of The Big Red Taste Test, where Jamie goes ahead and gives something new a shot.

Jamie *does* like Big Red, so that's a mark in the Pro column

it's the choice of the Jamie Generation

we take the pre-bite sniff pretty seriously, I guess

there.  That's the look of suspicion with which she greets anything that is not ramen or pad thai.

now she's really not sure.  She is planning to not like this food.  You can see the wheels turning.

No small amount of trepidation crossing her mind

we have a moment here where the cake has a chance.  She might tell her brain it does not need to hate this food.

nope.  The Randy from Christmas Story gene has kicked in.  She is deciding this is not for her.  

still, she is not a coward, and she soldiers on

initial bemusement




it is here that she's snapping to exactly how much sugar must be in this cake

it is really sweet.  like, crazily sweet

you can't tell here, but she's laughing at the cake in a state of disbelief

literally wiping away tears from laughing at this stupid thing

but, you know, you gotta be sure

on the plus side, it DOES have a lot of sugar, and she's usually okay with that

pondering the second bite

yup, that is really, really sweet

but that's no reason to shirk one's duties as a cake eater

I think in the end, she kinda sorta was okay with it.  It IS cake.  She does like Big Red.  But, holy cow, is it sweet.

I will also say - we didn't throw it in the trash, which was a definite possibility.  It's still on the kitchen table, so we'll probably eat more of it at some point.  But after 1.5 pieces, I was more than done for the evening.  My body was kind of screaming at me in concern.  Jamie certainly wasn't looking to finish it off.  She also seemed to just like the non-Big Red part of the pound cake best, which I will remember for future Jamie celebrations.  I can make a cake when pushed.

And now, for your entertainment, an animation of Jamie taste-testing the cake.

*And we're certainly in one of those places in this stalemate where if I suggest she try something, she tells me to jump in a lake.  Anyone else... and she's reaching for that food.  I don't get it.

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