Monday, July 18, 2022

PodCast 204: "Evil Dead 2 - Dead By Dawn" (1987) - an Evil Dead PodCast w/ JAL and Ryan

Watched:  07/12/2022
Format:  BluRay
Viewing:  Unknown
Decade:  1980's
Director:  Sam Raimi

JAL and Ryan return to that cabin in the woods and take a listen to an old reel-to-reel sitting around. It's horror-comedy time with one of the finest, most creative and ground breaking films not just of the genre, but of film writ large. Join us as we talk the second installment in Raimi's trilogy and what the kids don't know.



Behemoth - Joseph LoDuca, Evil Dead II OST 
Hail He/ End Titles - Joseph LoDuca,  Evil Dead II OST 

Halloween and Horror

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