Friday, January 20, 2023

Friday Watch Party: ZARDOZ (1974)

I've never seen Zardoz beyond the first 20 minutes, and so now I'm going to watch it.  We're ALL going to watch it.  

Here's all you need to know:  

I would kill for 1/200th of the confidence it takes to say "yes, put me on film in that"

Anyway, I am told the movie occurs in 2023, which is now.  So, put on your red diaper and hurt-me boots, and let's watch this thing.

Day:  Friday, 01/20/2023
Time:  8:30 Central, 6:30 Pacific
Service:  Amazon
Cost:  $4, and a small bit of your sanity

(link live 10 minutes before show)

BEHOLD!  The trailer.

1 comment:

Steven said...

Oh man, if the bosses will let me...this thing is majestic.