Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekly Watch Wind 05/21/2010

Superman: The Importance of Superman's Cape.

I had capes growing up. I confess I have a couple of capes now. I don't wear them, but I own them. Well... maybe I wear them sometimes.

Comics/ Comics Culture: There's a weekly installment at Robot 6 called "Send Us Your Shelf Porn" which fetishizes expansive comics collections. Some of these posts are lame, most are truly awesome. Including this week's installment. I often ponder sending in photos of The Fortress, but I think I would post them at this site, instead.

Television/ Dames: gives a twenty-five count rundown of the women of Lost. It's no secret I'm a Juliet man, so I found the list the most comprehensive and well-considered of its kind. Thanks to Nathan for the link.

Technology/ Comics: I like IDW as a publisher. They get interesting licenses. They produce good original content. They seem like a fair company. They are now making comics available for the Blackberry.

Look, even I think my Blackberry kind of sucks. I can barely tolerate playing "Brickbreaker" on the thing when I'm waiting in line. Nice thinking, but, no...

Funny: Your favorite movies in the style of Little Golden Books.

Music/ Videos: For Jamie. The top Blur music videos.

Television/ Why?: Someone has decided to remake Hawaii 5-0. I was never a big fan of the original, except for the theme song, so... yeah. I don't know. Look at it yourself. And on that Grace Park? Clean thoughts, chum.

Comics/ Manga: DC Comics, who gamely tried to bring European comics to America with their Humanoids project in the mid 00's, and who tried to publish Manga in the US under the CMX line has closed up shop on CMX.

A lot of manga fans are going to be outraged by this move, but one thing with DC: you know it was a hard dollars calculation. Obviously the numbers weren't there to support the imprint.

This will likely get me flamed by Manga fans but... when reading the material from illegal scans is part of the culture, there's no profitable business model. This shouldn't bother you if fans keep translating and posting, but its still illegal. We here at The Signal Watch are law abiding citizens.

I am sad the line didn't work out, but am I shocked? If DC didn't find itself a "Naruto" by this point, and Manga wasn't making inroads to better licensing opportunities the way their mainstream stable seems to be, I am not too surprised that they shuttered the thing.


mcsteans said...

Um, excuse you. You left out the Men of Lost link:

Aside from #1, this is a horribly ordered list. Desmond, FTW.

mcsteans said...

Thanks for the Blur link. I recently acquired the No Distance Left To Run documentary but haven't watched yet. I guess my favorite video of theirs is Coffee and TV, but I couldn't tell you favorite song - it changes all the time.

Simon MacDonald said...

I could never get into Hawaii 5-0 when I was a kid either. It was on for 12 years but I was only alive for 6 of them. Oddly enough it was the first 6 as my parents placed me in suspended animation from 74 to 80. Regardless, I actually like all the actors they have in the show. I can't wait to see Daniel Dae Kim get a chance to speak in English instead of that broken English he has to use in Lost.

The League said...

I will likely give the Hawaii 5-0 pilot a shot, but I've not been one for cop shows since they shuttered Miami Vice. I, too, was excited to see Kim get a starring role. Aside from that, I'm not sure what the show has to offer.