Saturday, August 28, 2010

Signal Watch on Indefinite Hiatus

I apologize for the lack of forewarning, but I am shuttering The Signal Watch.

I confess, I do not feel that I ever embraced this project with the same gusto with which I tackled League of Melbotis. Different places. Different times. Different priorities.

We'll maintain the LoM spot on Facebook (for the time being).

You can continue to view our wacky links at Zee... Zee... Zee...

Its been fun! But we're moving on.

Adios, amoebas.


J.S. said...

You know what might make for a fascinating post at this point? A review of all of the prior Signal Watch and LOM posts where you shut things down, took an extended break, and/or went on hiatus. I bet that if we got a complete list, we could probably run it against a list of high profile heists of rare comic books in the Austin and Phoenix areas, and we might come up with some interesting correlations....

Nathan said...

I must confess that I never warmed to this blog the same way I did with League of Melbotis. Was it that lack of a common figurehead/idol/dog? Fewer personal stories from the League/Chief Signal Watcher? Shorter posts in general? They layout? I dunno, maybe all of them together.

Don't worry, you're not rid of me, though.

Yer pal,

J.S. said...

Well, the old blog definitely benefitted from Mel's continued presence.