Monday, August 23, 2010

Steanso ends old blog, starts new blog

After a lengthy hiatus, my brother and one of the heads on this multi-headed hydra of bloggers with which I've been associated, has shut down operations at The Adventures of Steanso.

Steanso provided a nigh-daily-dose of personal journal and political observation from a Texas Dem's perspective.

I knew, of course, that the blog was on indefinite hiatus and might shut down, and today he kind of at least put it out there that it looked like he was done.

However, he's not quite done with the internets yet. It looks like he's started a new blog to share his musical stylings.

Sure, the URL reads a bit like a Craigslist person-to-person ad for somebody with a very particular lifestyle, but its short for: Logician Magician Transmission Submission

You can go there now to listen to the first tune he's posted to the site.


Amy said...

Aw man, Jason had told me about this blog, your old blog (specifically the Chuck E. Cheese entry), and his now-defunct blog. Dang! I was hoping to read about myself on the interwebz before he quit writing forever.

The League said...

Well, Amy, its early days yet. I am sure if you do something totally amazing (bike stunts are always a favorite), we can find a way to fit you into a column here.

J.S. said...

Amy, you WANTED to appear on my blog?! I'd say that separates you from about 95% of the people who know me right off the bat. (or maybe you just haven't seen enough of our respective blogs to know what you're getting yourself into...)
And I'm all for the bike stunt idea. Actually, I say we get Amy to try to do a jump over Ryan's head while Jamie videotapes it!! When the video of the ensuing carnage goes viral, we'll make mill... er, hundreds!! (minus medical costs, of course)