Monday, March 14, 2011

No Post Monday

Spent the weekend surprisingly busy.

  • Spent Friday watching CNN re: Japan
  • Saturday woke late
  • walked the dogs
  • read
  • got an iPhone
  • monkeyed with iPhone (continuous for remainder of weekend)
  • went to TXRD (Lonestar Rollerderby)
  • Didn't really understand the rage at Chip Kidd about him not liking the All-Star Superman cover.  (he's a man with an opinion and a designer.  I mean, he's not quite getting it, but is it a shock that anyone but hardcore Superman fans likes Superman or would get this?)
  • Got up Sunday
  • wept about the time change
  • went to Jason's to "help" with his new Ikea furniture
  • met up with old pals as Kevin is in for SXSW
  • came home, watched an episode of Symbionic Titan
  • NathanC showed up, as he's staying with us for SXSW

So, there you go

Please consider donating what you can to the Red Cross.  They are helping with relief efforts in Japan.

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