Sunday, June 19, 2011

I added a "Read More" feature

I've figured out from some comments that not everybody has noticed the "Read More" button that I've begun using.  If you're under the impression my posts have gotten a whole lot shorter of late... HA!

No.  I was aware that the length of posts made the front page hard to navigate, so I've added a "Read More" feature which will launch you off to the full article.  In a typical front page post, it'll be easy to find the "Read More" button.

Got that, Jason?
Yes, once you've clicked that button, the wonders of a typical Signal Watch post and the 1500 words I've spilled about why I (mistakenly) believe some random, idiotic superhero business is important will reveal themselves to you.

Anyway, we hope this will make your reading and browsing a bit easier.

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Paul Toohey said...

Nice artwork dude!

-The Commodore