Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Signal Watch Watches: Manhattan (1979)

Hey, remember how we sometimes talk about how not everything works for everybody?

Woody Allen movies are one of those things for me.  Objectively, I can appreciate that there is punchy dialog, lovely cinematography, that nobody aside from Ghostbusters knows how to use New York as a character better.  I guess, I've only been there once for a few days 14 years ago.

I actually quite like Annie Hall and a few other Woody Allen movies.  But I think its fair to say that this was not a movie that was about anything I find terribly interesting.  But you're supposed to see it, so see it I have.

The movie has 30-odd years worth of folks who love it and who have gotten something out of it, and good on them.

That's probably enough on that.


ncapp said...

I've never acquired a taste for Woody Allen. Bananas and Sleeper are fun, but beyond that, I've gotten very little out of his films. It almost feels like film lovers are supposed to love his movies because they pay homage to Important Filmmakers.

J.S. said...

I know at least two people who I believe might rate this as their favorite movie. I saw it in high school, but can barely remember it. I want to watch it again.

cardboardbelts said...

this is one of my favorite movies of all time! I may have to watch it again this weekend.

The League said...

As I told Nathan on Twitter: Thanks to the movie's reputation, I have rarely watched a movie and was more certain I was missing something other people were getting and really enjoying. I'm going to do some reading at some point to figure out what the hoopla is about.