Sunday, April 7, 2013

10th Anniversary Round-Up

Back on March 30th, this blogger marked his 10th Anniversary of writing.  We want to thank everyone who had an opportunity to send something in!

If we missed your email or message, let me know, as we'd love to include you in this celebration.  Also, feel free to send something in any time if you'd planned to do something but got busy.

Here are some links to the posts as they are now.  Thanks again so much to all of you.

My own thoughts


J.S. said...

Congrats again. Ten years. Wow. This is the part of the movie where we get a slow dissolve to the man in the insane asylum, proudly wearing his Superman cape, surrounded by ten years worth of graffiti scrawled onto the walls of his room... ;-) Cheers!!

picky said...

I really enjoyed watching these tributes pop up. I'm a much more recent reader, but even if I don't always comment, I still love reading these posts.

Congrats on ten years!