Friday, January 2, 2015

Donna Douglas Merges With the Infinite

Nashville TV Station WSMV is reporting that Donna Douglas, who played Elly May Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies has passed at the age of 81.

Like a lot of folks my age, I grew up on reruns of shows my folks watched while they were growing up.  In the 1980's, I had a fairly standard practice in the summer of waking up every morning and turning on The Beverly Hillbillies while eating cereal.  I found the antics of the Clampetts vis-a-vis their stuffy neighbors pretty darn funny.  And, I was always a fan of Elly May and her "critters", including monkeys, raccoons and other wildlife that must have been hell on the rest of the cast and crew.

We'll miss you, Elly May.

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