Friday, November 30, 2018

PODCAST: "A Christmas Story" (1983) HOLIDAY CINEMA SERIES w/ Maxwell and Ryan

Watched  11/25/2018
Viewing:  Oh god, who knows?
Format:  On-demand from TBS
Decade:  1980's

Oh, fudge...! Maxwell and Ryan get nostalgic for a nostalgia film, "A Christmas Story" - the tale of a boy who just wants a BB gun for Christmas. The Signal Watch crew is celebrating the Holiday season with discussions of some of our seasonal favorite films and specials, so we go deep on a movie we can all relate to (maybe a bit too much).


Christmas Time is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio from A Charlie Brown Christmas
O Tannenbaum - Vince Guaraldi Trio from A Charlie Brown Christmas


24:40 - on Amazon Prime A Roadtrip for Ralphie
30:10 - video for Hot for Teacher by Van Halen
45:55 - article on Jane Krakowsi in A Christmas Story Live 
1:09:25 - A Christmas Story House Museum in Cleveland


When we hit 50 listens, Maxwell sent me some choice family photos

So... a trip down memory lane with the TheRealLMS's family.  (The great thing here is how much I can see Laura and her dad in her kids.  Those are some powerful chromosomes, people.)

Here's those pics with copy by Laura:

Here is my dad with some brothers and his sister visiting Santa Claus in the 50's at the Lazarus Department Store in Columbus, OH. Lazarus would have been that town's Higbee's. My dad is the Ralphie looking fellow with the big grin on the left.

Here I am with Santa at what I think is that same Higbee's-like Lazarus department store in the late 70s. This is clearly not the official Santa picture. I dig the side view with the lady shopping in the background.

Here are some more photos of the Lazarus store in its heyday according to the Columbus Dispatch (and includes a cartoon from when the store got its first escalator.)

I know I promised a photo of me chilling with Santa while my brother loses it, but neither of us are okay with this Santa.

editor's note: I don't think Santa is okay, either

Thanks, Laura!  More pics if we hit 100 listens!


Anonymous said...

Really great episode. I've been trying to wok though the eps in chronological order, but for this one I said the raba-raking-rargahhbagga with it and decided to skip to your coverage of this master work of this piece of nostalgia.

I, too, don't think I saw it until the mid-90's, but it's so-so quotable.

* "C'mon, RAN-dy"
* Bupissessssssss!
* "Hovering somewhere over Terre Haute"

You did a good job on this coverage!

The League said...

Glad you liked it! It was a lot of fun. And don't feel like you need to listen to everything in order or everything at all in general. Because if all goes well, we'll be dropping another few Christmas episodes here over the next weeks leading up to the big day.

Eric Scott said...

Um, I am not the reason my children swear.

mcsteans said...

YAY! Thanks Laura!