Thursday, March 7, 2019

PODCAST: "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969) - Bond Watch 04, w/ SimonUK and Ryan

Watched:  03/03/2019
Format:  BluRay
Viewing:  unknown
Decade:  1960's

SimonUK and Ryan take on that one Bond movie starring George Lazenby as 007. Bond falls in love and fights Telly Savalas on a toboggan run. SimonUK and Ryan puzzle out what sort of lady gets Bond to want to settle down, what led to an Australian men's wear model putting on the tux, and what it all means 50 years after the film's release.

James Bond Theme - Monty Norman & John Barry
We Have All the Time In the World - performed by Louis Armstrong, written by John Barry with lyrics by Hal David

Bond Playlist:


JAL said...

Fun episode. I’ll go to bat for “Quantum” any day. I’m not entirely sure why so many people dislike it other than, it’s not “Casino Royale”. Solid villain, with one of the better “domination/ransom” plans.

The League said...

I may pitch doing that one as our next Bond. Simon's opinion of it is better than mine, but he's seen it several times and I saw it once.

Unknown said...

I love this series. One of your best.

The League said...

Thanks, Unknown! We had a lot of fun with it - glad it came off well.

Simon MacDonald said...

I don't like to complain but how did you get to 3 minutes left in the episode before you even mentioned that Telly Savalas played Ernst Blofeld. Honestly, that is the thing I remember most about this movie. By that time I'd seen this movie I'd seen so, so many Kojax episodes. Am I correct in remembering that he just chewed the scenery with reckless abandon?

Other than that I do remember vaguely that Diana Rigg seemed be be more equal to Bond than any of the other Bond girls I'd seen before. You'd expect that of someone who fully embodies Olenna Tyrell in GoT.

The League said...

It happens all the time! We'll be cruising along wrapping up and one of us will realize "oh, man, we forgot X, Y or Z". It's pretty often that we realize we forgot some big bit of information, have to re-set, hit record again and I cut that segment into the podcast at as sensible a point as possible and you never know the difference. Telly Savalas was actually remembered while we were recording, so at least we remembered before we finished.

Some of the romantic interests in these films are more interesting than others, for sure. Rigg didn't entirely carry Lazenby, but she was good enough to elevate him, and the script gave her something more to do than show up and be wow'd by James Bond.