Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day, Simon!

Yes, today marks the merging of the British colonies in 1867 to form the power we now know as CANADA!!! Happy Canada Day, ya'll!

Our own Signal Corps Captain, Simon, is a maple leaf loving son of a moose. He's nuts for hockey, is unfailingly polite, knows a whole lot about Terry Fox, and pays for everything in Loonies. He is distinctly Canadian.

So let's help him celebrate Canada Day with the finest things Canada has shared with their belligerent jerk neighbors to the south.

Before moving to Cleveland, Superman co-creator Joe Shuster was from Toronto, Ontario. That "American Way" bit was added 15-20 years after the character first appeared.


Simon MacDonald said...

Thanks Ryan! Here's hoping your Independence Day is every bit as fun as our Canada Day was today. I love the fact you slipped a Rocky and Bullwinkle reference into you list of Canadian stuff. Also, don't forget we gave you Yanks basketball too.

The League said...

Naismith was Canadian? I had no idea. Well, you learn something new about Canada all the time.