Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Christmas Loot Wrap-Up

Anybody get their Red Ryder BB Gun with the compass in the stock and this thing which tells time?

Christmas has come and gone.  I haven't fully completed my present exchanges as I haven't seen my folks and brother since Christmas Eve, and I need to catch up with my Uncle, Cousin and Cousin's daughter.  We're going to do all that stuff tomorrow, I think.

Thus far, my Christmas Loot-Getting was all right on the money. 

My gift from Jamie was not a surprise.  I've needed a computer for a while, and in October I got the very laptop upon which I'm typing.  Merry Christmas to me from Jamie. 

Superman's plot to redistribute wealth?  No wonder the cape is red...

As the field of gift-giving and givers has narrowed over the years, the odd, wacky and unexplainable loot has dwindled to the point where, these days, I no longer am left looking at a nose hair trimmer or other such assorted gifts on Christmas morning wondering "how does one even write a thnk you note for this?".

Kind of sad in a way.  Those inexplicable gifts are always fun to ponder. 

Also got:
  • Star Trek Movie Blu-Ray set - its the first six Trek movies with Shatner and Nimoy, plus a bonus disc
  • A book:  Diary of a Lost Girl
  • a gift certificate to Austin Books and Comics (I think I know how to use that)
  • dog toys - and if you think, "oh that's for the dogs".  No.  Keeping dogs happy is one of my primary functions at home.  I am very pleased to find dog toys in my stocking.
  • A sort of electronic pen that you can hook up to your PC that will digitally record everything you write or presumably draw.  Expect some experimentation to show up on this site in the near future.
We had also been sent to Wootstock about two months ago by The Dug, and that was a Christmas Gift. 

So, yeah, its been festive.

Non-Corpsman MattyM spent Christmas Eve with us, and it was great having him around.  A very lovely Christmas, all told. 

If you have time, write in and tell me (a) one outstanding or surprising gift and/ or (b) one "WTF?" generating gift.


Fantomenos said...

a)I got my big gift a few weeks ago, the "Fireball 2" pinball game. I've already had it long enough to understand that owning a 30 year old pinball machine will require me to advance my understanding of electronics, so my stocking was stuffed with tools, spare lightbulbs, a set of rubbers (not that kind) and a shop light.

b) I'm not really sure this counts as "WTF", but an OXO meat thermometer was immediately pressed into service while cooking our rib-eye roast, and took the guesswork out of cooking. Plus, it was cool watching the temperature creep up, and you could set it to beep at 130.

Merry X-mas all!

cardboardbelts said...

WTF Christmas Gift this year for me was a 1941 Singer Featherweight sewing machine complete with its 69 year old bottles of sewing machine oil and lubricant. I do not sew nor do I participate in historical reenactments. However, this may now all change.

All in all a good holiday!