Saturday, January 1, 2011

More 2010 - a year that happened

2010 was NOT the year we made contact, as promised by a John Lithgow/ Helen Mirren movie I'd seen as a kid.
It was the year:

  • The Jersey Shore remained inexplicably and unironically popular
  • Jamie received a donut maker for Christmas
  • I very slowly started working out again, making me sad about the arrival of a donut maker in my house
  • the iPad arrived.  Many people bought them.  Then, everyone I talked to who had one told me it likely wasn't worth getting for every single application I mentioned using it for were I to purchase one.
  • We saw no 3rd installment of the popular Chipmunks franchise
  • I was on the road a whole lot
  • I spent the summer at the movies
  • Scout did not attempt a jail break even once
  • DC Comics celebrated its 75th Anniversary (we'll make more noise during Superman's 75th anniversary in 2013)
  • We may have finally seen the last of Jon & Kate (and their 8)
  • Al and Tipper Gore called it quits.  So no more Al-on-Tipper PDA.  Sorry, folks.
  • Kanye West's Twitterfeed justified an entire form of communication
  • UT Football found new and creative ways to astound and disappoint weeks after the final game was played
  • A show about Zombie Apocalypse was a stunning cable hit (and was actually very watchable, too)
  • Someone started working on another Planet of the Apes movie
  • I broke my weekly comic shop habit (which was like quitting smoking)
  • I managed to kill 5 minutes in a meeting at work making everyone learn about Mister Miracle.  And that is why you don't ever ask Ryan about the characters on his shirts in a mocking tone. 
Here's to 2011 and another chance to do it right this time.


Simon MacDonald said...

* Never seen an episode
* I'm jealous
* How can you ever be sad about a donut maker.
* Wait two weeks for the iPad 2 to be announced and you'll be able to pick up a used iPad cheap!
* Well really where do you go after the first two Chipmunk movies? It would be like making a Godfather III wouldn't it?
* I didn't travel at all for work, grrr!
* I talked to Scout, he's luring you into a false sense of security.
* I didn't think they made a big enough deal about being in business for 75 years.
* That was my Christmas wish last year, thank you Santa.
* I have no comment.
* No one really cares if Kanye makes music anymore.
* So did my Montreal Canadiens.
* It was pretty damn good.
* Those, damn dirty humans
* Welcome to my world
* Is that available on YouTube?

The League said...

I strongly suspect DC knew that 75 years of their convoluted publishing history was of minimal interest. But when Superman and Batman hit 75 in a couple of years... then we'll see some serious promotion (I very much recall Time magazine showing up at my folks' house with the "He's 50!" headline over Superman). I actually plan to hit the Superman Celebration that year.