Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holy Smokes! 2010 is practically over with!


How did 2010 come to an end?  It seems like just yesterday I was holding a flaming Roman Candle in one hand and an American Flag and a cocktail in the other and celebrating America.

Wait...  that was yesterday.  Nevermind.

Anyhow, 2010 was NOT a year of big changes.  Hooray!  Sometimes you need a year where virtually nothing happens, I think.  No moves, no career change, no white knuckling about this or that...  maybe in 2011.

Now, that doesn't mean the folks around me didn't see some changes.  You know who you are and what you did.

I don't plan on any end-of-year lists because, well...  I'm not feeling the need to catalog that which you've all already read or seen here.  Or on Facebook or whatever.  And I don't know what I'd Top Ten this year, anyway.  Comics?  Movies?  I don't think I dealt with either enough to put together a useful list.

I have no idea what 2011 will bring.  I've got some resolutions, so we'll see if I keep them.  The Steans Boys are headed for London in April, so you can expect some cross-continental reporting and cultural confusion.  The Admiral and KareBear are set to move operations to Austin by this time next year. 

But, hey, yeah.  I just looked at the date on my computer and realized we're pretty much wrapped up here.  Another trip around El Sol and another year as determined by some Caesar 2000 years ago is done and done.

We're not doing much for New Years.  No big parties and I suspect I will be watching Snooki drop in the ball on New Year's Eve by myself once Jamie's turned in.  That's why I picked up a bottle of Welch's Sparkling Cider.  Drinking by myself in the dark on my way into 2011 just seemed...  well, let's not start the year off on the wrong foot.

Thanks for a great and strange year of blogging here at Signal Watch.  I appreciate you bearing with me through my stops and starts.  Now... on to 2011.


rhpt said...

Whoa! London? What! How come everyone's going there but me?

The League said...

Everyone? Its going to really crowded, then.

Paul Toohey said...

I thought you "...flaming Roman Candle in one hand and an American Flag and a cocktail in the other and celebrating America" EVERY night?

You guys should try to meet up with Jen Inman while in London, she lives about 2 hours outside of the city.

Enjoy Snooki! (insert tacky joke here)

The League said...

That is a fantastic idea! I will totally email her.

Simon MacDonald said...

You will love London. It is an amazing city that seems like it is "alive". Try and track down a "Forbidden Planet" shop while you are there. Watch all the UK folks read their comics with their pinky fingers extended. It's classier that way!