Friday, July 15, 2011

Some "Friday Night Lights" links as we shut down the stadium one last time

On social media I saw a few links up about the end of Friday Night Lights.  Some from PaulT, some from elsewhere.  Some good stuff.  I thought I'd share. 

An Oral History of Friday Night Lights
Austin's Omar G says a quick good-bye
Generation FNL
Another movie?

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thevike13 said...

I really enjoyed Friday Night Lights too and have enjoyed your comments on it. It did end up being a show that was more than just football.

It's funny though because until I checked in on your blog, I didn't even realize the NBC version ended recently because I watched the entire last season on DirecTV.

I guess even though I'm an electrical engineer, I'm way behind the times. I'm not on facebook, not on twitter, and don't hit google for trends and news much.

By the way, I'm on the last season of 'The Wire' (they have been showing it on DirecTV starting from season 1) and it has been an amazing show.

I know Jas has mentioned it numerous times, but I hope you make time for 'The Wire' and 'Battlestar Galactica' through Netflix at some point. I can't say enough about those two shows.

Also, I have never been a fan of Planet of the Apes, but I have been very intrigued by the previews I have seen and will probably go see it.