Friday, September 2, 2011

Austin Books Sale is On like Megatron

Jamie is a good person.

This evening she picked me up from work, we went to Austin Burger/Pizza/whatever joint, EZ's, had a bite and then headed up to Austin Books and Comics Sidekick Store.  This is where the action is for the sale, in many ways.

I picked up some Bronze Age Superman (man, that era is just good fun, too), an issue of Men of War, finally picked up the last few issues of Superman/ Supergirl: Maelstrom, and found out there was a second Icon trade that I didn't even know existed.  I really liked the first volume and...  I never reviewed that, did I?

Well, anyway, the big buy for me was a complete run of Volume 1 of Alien Legion and a handful of the prestige -related issues that came later.  Yes, I love Alien Legion.  Because it is awesome.

that Legion?  of Aliens?  Totally rad.

If you're in Austin, head on down and see what you can find on sale (cheap, people). The sale goes all the way through the weekend.

Now, Jamie didn't buy anything, but she just wanted to come see.

 "Don't you want anything?" I said. "I think you've got plenty I can read," she replied. Will I get Jamie to read Alien Legion?

 Only time will tell.


J.S. said...

I used to really like Alien Legion. I have no idea whether it would hold up nowadays, but I really liked it back in the day.

Simon MacDonald said...

Damn, now I have to go pull my old Alien Legions issues. Luckily I'm visiting my Dad so they are actually only half an hour away instead of the normal 18 hours away.

Also, I don't suppose Austin Books has Promethea issues: 4, 5, 9, 27, 28, 29 or 32?

The League said...

if I have time to get back down there, I'll certainly take a look. I did go through the P's, but I wasn't looking very hard.