Sunday, September 18, 2011

round-up Monday post

You're on your own for a day or three.

In the meantime:

I recommend going to see the movie Drive at better cinemas everywhere.  It features Christina Hendricks.

Hendricks ponders the likelihood that bed bugs have invaded the Motel 6.
I didn't watch the Emmy's.

in a lot of ways, personally and professionally, I strive for Swanson-ness
I hear Mad Men won for best show without a laughtrack or whatever.  That's good, I guess.  Peter Dinklage was great in Game of Thrones, so good on him for winning.  Kyle Chandler won for Best Actor for Friday Night Lights, which is correct, but how he can win and Connie Britton did not demonstrates that this was a pity vote for a show everyone heard was great, but that nobody had actually seen (Chandler and Britton were Voltron, people.  Alone, you could take them, but together, they were awesomely powerful).

And Jim "Hey, I went to high school with that guy" Parsons won an Emmy, too.  So, there you go.

I guess that's all I care about there.

Saturday my Longhorns surprised the living heck out of me by not just beating UCLA, but beating them at home by 29 points, or about four touchdowns.  I had said in the week leading up to the game "if we come within 7, I guess I'll be happy."  But, man, The Horns actually looked shockingly solid out there.  Maybe not as solid as Baylor (or even TAMU), but they looked like a team for the first time since the National Championship about a year and a half back.

We have this crazy-good tail back, Brown, who is my favorite new Longhorn.  And, of course, we've got Marquis Goodwin, Fozzy and DJ Grant.  And, man, its a nice storybook angle that its Case McCoy and Jaxon Shipley out there (and I'll mention Ash, too, because he certainly contributed).

Just a total surprise.  What a fun game.

The Longhorns have a lot of luck in this stadium, it seems


J.S. said...

I had a good time at ACL, but I'm bummed that I missed the game. Are we actually good, or did UCLA just suck?

The League said...

I think it was a bit of both, truthfully. They were a mess of turn-overs and they weren't prepared at all for a running offense.

Anonymous said...

UT has the beginnings of being very, very good. They are playing 18 freshman so our secondary is vulnerable, we have problems at defensive tackle and middle linebacker (weak against the run) and our QB just got his first start after Gilbert got benched.

Why you should be watching is to see how Harsin is an absolutely genius at being an Offensive Coordinator. He's like Bobby Fischer out there on the football field. He's got 4 offensive packages with around 25-30 formations. He sets up the Wildcat, the Zone Read, the Power O and the Shotgun all in one drive. It's amazing how he will run a play to get the defensive tendency during a drive. Then run the same formation 2 drives later and use the fake counter hand-off to get a big offensive first down or touchdown. He did the same thing with using Fozzy Whitaker in the Wildcat. Then he would throw some crazy trick play in like having Jaxon Shipley throw an endzone pass by faking a sweep.

It's awesome to see what the talent of UT will become with an actual gameplan and creative Offensive Coordinator.

Their Defensive Coordinator is really, really good too. He's running a version of Rex Ryan/Jets attack defense. His defense at Miss. St. was the only defense to hold Auburn below 20 points last year when they went on their title run.

Mack Brown hired some out of the park coaches to replace Greg Davis and company.