Friday, January 22, 2016

Join Max in Kicking Cancer's Ass

I'm going to share this link with you here and again at the end.

Writer, blogger, reader and Austinite Max Romero is putting together a project I think you'll like.  I know I'm thinking about this pretty hard.  And, I ask you - both of my readers - to think about this as well.

Max is a cancer survivor and he's now about three years out from when he had surgery to remove the tumor.  To celebrate the past three years and pay it forward, Max is going to be collecting items from his readers, friends and family and he'll be raffling them off.  Proceeds, obviously, go to charity.  Quite directly.

You can donate items (I doubt any creators read this blog, but here's a chance to be a mensch or menschette), and you can enter the raffle by giving some dough to one of his selected charities and sending him the receipt.  It's a win for everyone.

In 2015, one of my best friends here in Austin lost her brother to cancer.  Her boyfriend, one of my other best friends, is currently losing his mother to cancer.  One of my other best friends, who lives up in Washington state went through surgery, chemo and radiation and she's still recovering.  And that's just to name stuff going on right now.   That's not all the tragic and heroic stories any of us could spill, right from our immediate families.

True story - in 2015, on the day my nephew was born, I was told I had cancer.  The immediate good news for me was finding out in a very short time period that I had a super-benign cancer, and it looks like the half-hour surgery I had to remove the thing went well and I'm clear until I'm not. I'll be eyeing every one of the galaxy of freckles and moles I've got on my pasty flesh as a potential threat.

Seriously.  Get some sunblock, people.

Truth is, cancer will come knocking for many of us sooner or later.  As they say, it touches everyone.

Sooner or later, we'll beat cancer.  I'd prefer it be sooner.  Here's a way to put some gas in the tank of the ride getting us to that destination.

Again, here's the link to Max's scheme.  I mean, Max's plan.

Here's Max's general blog, Great Caesar's Post

Here's his very specifically Plastic-Man oriented blog

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