Monday, April 23, 2018

I think March 30th was the 15th Anniversary of the Start of my Blogging

So, I guess I missed my own 15th Anniversary of blogging.  We were over at League of Melbotis back then.  Here's a link to the first batch of posts.

Back then, kids, we had no facebook, no twitter, barely had iTunes and it took me forever to figure out how to upload photos and have a comment section.  I was a lad of about 27 and living as a Texas ex-pat in Arizona at the time.  I was busily learning about Superman and comics, and I was oh, so, sweetly naive.  Reading those early posts is sometimes a teeth-gnashing experience but also a journal of what was going on in my head in the blogging salad days.

The blog was named for Melbotis (Mel-boh-tiss), a large Golden Retriever who was a very good boy, indeed.  He passed way back around 2009, but we still miss our best pal.

In 2010, we jumped ship and started The Signal Watch as more of a media-review focused blog rather than a daily journal.  I know, I'm now cloaked in mystery and have become inscrutable in the ensuing years, but maybe that's all for the best.  Or would I now be an "influencer" and "lifestyle brand" if we'd kept it up, moving to Instagram and sun-soaked pictures of me doing duck lips from a selfie-stick while flashing the peace sign and hanging out with Millennials in aviator sunglasses?


Anyway, I literally have no idea who or if anyone is reading this thing anymore.  I certainly quit writing it for anyone but me about eight years ago, so... thanks if you stuck around?

My all time top posts have nothing to do with my usual content, and by a country mile my most popular post, the one that I get a dozen hits on daily, is the time I did some Googling and tracked down the fate of the girl in the Stop Sign Shorts from the Young MC video for "Bust a Move".  Everyone wants to know what happened to that lady and I am the #1 source on the internet for this information at last check.

Second is every high schooler in America looking for info to help them understand The Great Gatsby from the time I read the book back in 2011.  The Christopher Reeve post gets traction, so I think someone uses the photos on the post somewhere.  The "Collecting Memories Project" post spiked wildly at some point, but I think it was just a recursive search problem of some sort.  No one looked at the actual, final posts associated.  And the "I'm Headed for Waco" post really got local traction as I posted pics of this guy who used to run around Austin dressed as a pig, protesting some attorneys.

Anyway - here's to 15 more years of me doing this for some reason.


J.S. said...

Well, I've obviously enjoyed the blog over the years. It's been a source of entertainment and a good "food for thought" stopping point (although I will admit to have occasionally gotten halfway through a post and wondered, "How did he trick me into spending this much time on this?"). Anyway, I find it entertaining. And not just because you're my brother. If I was reading it just because you're my brother, I would have most likely abandoned it long ago...

The League said...

I appreciate it! Glad it's still decent enough reading!