Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Post Wednesday

Today was a busy, busy day at work.  And then I went to the gym.  And then I tried to watch The Playboy Club because I mistakenly believed it would be a show about humans and the stories about how and why they worked at the very real Playboy Club in the complex and shifting sands of gender roles in the swinging 60's.  

Nope.  Its a really dumb nighttime soap.  I made it about 7 minutes in and quit.  (Psst.  TV-Makers!  People don't watch Mad Men because of boobs.  They watch it because its an amazingly well written show.)

So no post.  Not really.  Maybe after comics tomorrow.

Instead, here's a cover to Wonder Woman 170, featuring 3 of my favorite characters in comics.  Lois Lane does a "human interest" story on Wonder Woman.  And, yes, she knows Clark is Superman and Diana is his good buddy.  Its a great issue, detailing a single day in the life of WW when she's not out busting heads.

I really miss Phil Jimenez's writing and art, and the covers by AH.

Anyway, here you go:

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Mikey said...

I own this issue, it's fantastic!