Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Small Post Wednesday

It's been a long day capped off by a lovely evening out.  We went to Austin's The Highball (a restaurant/ bar/ bowling alley/ performance space) to see a live production/ reinterpretation of an episode of the WB show Felicity.  I was more aware of Felicity as a sort of demographic-pleasing phenomenon than anything and, never actually ever saw it while it was on TV.  But, my pal CarlaBeth (who I've been pals with since small times), had directed the show for the Institution Theater, and it turns out...  it was really, really funny.

The cast was great, and I was familiar enough with the show via cultural osmosis (Jamie had subscription to Entertainment Weekly) that I knew exactly what was happening.  It was kind of odd to realize how much I knew about a show I'd never seen.

Prior to the show we met up with Hilary (whom I have known since even smaller times.  4th grade, people.) of The Flyin' A's for dinner at The Highball (one stop shopping, people.  Dinner and show.) and her lovely friend, Laura.  

Add in my trip to College Station today, and I am beat like a kickdrum.

So, as this almost a "No Post" day, here's Julie Adams menaced by our fishy friend, The Creature from The Black Lagoon.

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