Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Next week we head for Chicago - Expect low to no posting

Next week Jamie and I head for sunny Chicago, Illinois for a few days of vacation.  We're escaping the Texas heat in exchange for Chicago heat.

I'm definitely looking forward to it.  Somehow, Jamie and I have never been able to work in a normal vacation like humans are supposed to, especially if they've been together since the first Clinton Administration.  I know, it sounds weird, but we've had lots of extenuating circumstances and Jamie does not travel easily.  However, this year we made it a priority, and so off we go to The Windy City.

Anybody else have this poster?
My plan is to basically see a lot of museums and go to a Cubs game.  We've also got a Fodor's guide, and I have a couple of recommendations for some stuff to do at night.  We'll see.  But it does mean that early next week we'll be posting in an extremely limited capacity unless I decide to bother to bring my laptop (I probably will).

The 1908 Cubs look forward to what will surely be an endless string of pennants

Jamie has just informed me I cannot buy us tickets to see Ministry, who is playing while we're there.  Which shocks me, because I thought those dudes hung it up eons ago.  No rockin' out to "Stigmata" for us, I guess.  Nor is playing clips of Ministry from YouTube really winning Jamie over.

I may try to talk her into going to The Green Mill.  We'll see what happens.

So if you're in the Chicagoland Area and feel like coming pretty much to the dead center of town (we're staying right across from Grant Park, I think), give me a buzz.

Really, I don't know anything about Chiacgo.  I went there some as a kid, but we were mostly out in the suburbs.  My ideas about Chicago are formed by:

  • The Untouchables
  • The Chicago Cubs
  • The Chicago Bulls
  • Superbowl XXV
  • Ferris Bueller
  • John Hughes movies
  • Mr. T
  • street scenes in The Dark Knight
  • viewing WGN as a kid to watch cartoons
  • The Blues Brothers
  • I once watched "ER"
  • and their history of putting their politicians in jail (in Texas we just make whatever politicians do legal)

I am perfectly aware that Chicago is a great American city, and I look forward to gawking around like the idiot tourist I shall be.

Also, I'm totally looking up the "1920's Gangsters Tour" I've heard they've got.

Cubs Win!


Fantomenos said...

You should have started Jamie off with this:


Enjoy Chicago, it's a swingin' town.

We're headed to the beach with the hounds for the weekend. More of a getaway than a proper vacation, but it's what fits in the schedule.

The League said...

Its hard to put into words the look of "please stop" that crosses her face whenever I've tried to play Ministry over the years.

I like me a good weekend getaway. Unfortunately, somehow, that's all we've ever really managed to do over the years. The last real vacation we tried to take I never count because: 9/11 happened on Day 2.

Fantomenos said...

Were you stranded somewhere?

We were stuck in Colorado, scheduled to fly out on the 12th, so yeah, memorable vacation.

The League said...

Yeah, we were in Las Vegas. It was our first planned vacation that wasn't a honeymoon. My brother called from Texas when he figured out what was happening. By the time I processed it, maybe five minutes, I picked up a phone and called Avis, and they literally laughed at me. Every car that could leave town had been rented across the city in about ten minutes.

People were buying cars to get out of town. I don't remember how long we were stuck there beyond our original departure date, but it was at least 36 hours. Not too bad, really, but we had to plea "medical emergency" to get on one of the first flights out.

Vegas is a super not fun fun place to be if you're not sure that WWIII just started. FYI.