Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Close-Out

Well, that was a whole lot of Halloween on this blog.  I hope you kids enjoyed it.

I figured I might as well do a real Halloween blowout here once, so, that was it.  I like me some Holidays, for sure, but Halloween and it's focus on lightweight scares, costumes and candy has always been a favorite.

In days of yore I might have tried to make more of Halloween night itself, but these days I'm pretty happy just to spend the evening in the driveway and get the chance to see the kids come up in their costumes.  And this year we had a heard of turtles.  Man, there were a lot of kids.

Some great costumes from Adventure Time characters to Kermit the Frog to Witches and Werewolves to somebody named "Minecraft Steve", who was the kid across the street with a box on his head.  And, because memes never really die, we had The Honey Badger.

Jason and Amy came by, so we had some company as we handed stuff out to the trick-or-treaters.  It's always more fun with company.

Anyway, it is a weird Halloween partially because the next several days are going to be nuts.  I have serious meetings at work followed by a work trip to Denver that will last all of 36 hours and end on Monday.

Hope your Halloween was fun!

If what I saw at CVS when I popped in this evening was any indication, we are now officially in the Christmas season.


Simon MacDonald said...

The best Halloween costume I saw tonight was a kid dressed up as a mini-fig. It was home made and completely awesome!

picky said...

Yea! I feel like I just watched the last bit of a fireworks show. I didn't comment on everything but enjoyed seeing it.

I wasn't always a fan of Halloween, but I enjoy it more and more as I get older, and I think that's partially owed to my ESL students. They are interested and excited about it, and I get to show them The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and talk about fun stuff like where the jack-o'-lantern comes from. Fun stuff.

Glad you guys had a good night. I went to my mom and dad's, and they had tons of bumblebees... apparently it's the year for them.

The League said...

@Simon - anyone know who you were? Are the kids hip to Nightwing?

@picky - Halloween is a weird one. "Scary Fun" is an odd sell, especially when you're talking about the two different Halloweens - the one for kids and families, and then the one that adults have carved out for themselves.

Living in the suburbs as I do and well past my 20's, I try to appreciate both. But it's also got all the fun spooky stuff like Sleepy Hollow that works for anyone, and that's pretty great.

Simon MacDonald said...

I'm not sure. Nobody came up to me and said nice Nightwing costume or anything. I did have the reverse moment though when I met another Dad and said "nice Steampunk costume!" I thought he was going to kiss me he was so happy I knew what it was apparently he'd been wearing it to think all weekend and no one knew.