Sunday, October 7, 2012

No Matter What, Dressing Like Hawkman Makes You Look Like a Lunatic

I do not cosplay, and I'd be lying if I said I do not find myself mentally judging those who do.  Not for cosplaying, but cosplaying badly.  I, for one, will never slip into a Flash costume just because  like Wally West and Barry Allen.  I know the limitations of my body and that red one-piece.

On paper, Hawkman sometimes looks totally AWESOME.  He has wings and a mace and a cool helmet.  I really want to like Hawkman.  The character appeared on Smallville for a handful of episodes, and when he had his helmet and wings on, he looked like a lunatic.

Turns out, cosplaying as Hawkman, no matter the quality of the costume or the physique of the wearer, points out one thing:  that is one crazy @#$%ing look.

Kudos to the couples costumes on this one.  At least you two know you're made for each other.


Jake Shore said...

Yeah, pretty much. I just googled a picture of the Smallville Hawkman. His costume doesn't look that much better than these. He doesn't even look that muscular. I suspect if they ever make a Justice League movie that includes Hawkman, Hollywood will just go to their fallback superhero uniform of black leather.

The League said...

The guy on Smallville was actually in above average shape, but the armor on him made him look oddly shaped. Really, the outfit was a mess, and his appearance flying in was hilarious rather than awe inspiring.

The League said...

Oh, and everything about their Dr. Fate was a fail. It was an interesting idea that just fizzled and fell over with casting and mask construction.