Thursday, October 21, 2021

Wonder Woman at 80

art by Phil Jimenez

Today is being celebrated as the 80th Anniversary of the arrival of Wonder Woman in All-Star Comics #8.  

It's no secret we're big fans of Princess Diana/ Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman around these parts, and we're thrilled that Wondy is, today, as popular - or more so - than ever, thanks to any number of factors.  And, we think she could reach even higher heights!  After all, we firmly agree in her mission of peace and justice.  Plus, twirling!

Anyway, I can either do a TL;DR post about the greatness of Wonder Woman as character, property, icon, etc... OR I can cut it short and let you just bask in the tremendousness of 80 years of lassoing for Truth!

art by Alex Ross

WW84 is an imperfect movie, but it did give us this sequence of Wonder Woman in action as I imagine a Tuesday goes for her

I like many, many animated takes on Wonder Woman, from Super Friends to the WB Animated movies.  But this 3 minute sequence from Brave and the Bold is the most Wonder Woman ever packed into 3 minutes.  

and now.... twirling

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