Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have been in a bad mood for days.

It's hot in Austin.

only the world weary face of Sterling Hayden can convey how much I am sick of this heat
"How hot?" you ask.

So hot that somehow comics scribe Chris Roberson of Superman, Elric and Starborn fame somehow wound up on NPR Wednesday bitching about the heat in Austin.  And rightfully so.

Like, seriously. Its just ridiculously hot. I left Arizona partially because it was this hot all the time (only without the humidity, so I could feel my eyes boiling in the sockets in August)*.

I've realized I've just sort of been in a bad mood for a month because I can't step outside without feeling like I'm cooking in my own juices.  Also, I'm sort of mean on the best of days, so there's that.  But add 70 days or whatever the hell we're dealing with of 100+ days.   You know what?  You have your political debates about global warming.  Its too damn hot, scientifically.  By that, I mean, summer 2011 has been stupidly, morbidly hot.

Hayden knows this heat is just utter BS, but that's the hand we were dealt.  You just gotta live with it.
Maybe its coming back from a vacation and realizing that not only is the "summer" over and you've got nothing to show for it, but that work is getting back into the manic high gear of the fall.  And it still won't really cool down until October 1.

Anyway, I need to unclench a bit, I think.  There's nothing bad going on other than that I'm sick of the heat, and I haven't been swimming nearly enough this year.

I know I'm grumpy about unfinished business and projects.  I know there's movies I want to see.  I wish I had more money.  The cat keeps looking at me weird, and the universe may or may not be headed for a state of total entropy.  I don;t even care which it is, I just want for science to tell me which so I can PLAN AHEAD.

I am in a bad mood.

Hayden shouldn't have to tolerate this heat bunk, or the commies putting fluoride in the water supply

*and partially because of my disdain for Kokopellis as suburban decoration.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you move to a (40acre) piece of land in the forests of Upper Michigan. I guaranty that the summer heat will not be as great. However, winter is a bit cooler than it is in Austin.


Matt A. said...

We just had a splash of rain south of the river. I just had to stand outside and soak up what little came down.

The League said...

Just saw a bit here on campus. All the staffers were a little too giddy about the sprinkling we were getting, but its nice to remember that "oh, yeah. It CAN rain."

J.S. said...

I wonder if it will be an unusually cold winter as well. Climate change experts say that we're shifting into an era of greater temperature extremes, overall, so despite the heat this summer, there may still be some snow days to look forward to this winter.

The League said...

if it stays too cold, I will need to figure out who looks like they've had it with the cold or is overwhelmed by the chill. Perhaps Elisha Cooke Jr.?