Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oh my GOSH, you guys! "The Keep" is now on Netflix Streaming!

Oh my gosh, you guys.

You say you've never seen The Keep (1983)?  You saw you've never even heard of it?

One night when I was about 14, this gem came on TV.  Directed by Michael Mann, starring Scott Glenn and Jurgen Prochnow, and featuring an amazing score by Tangerine Dream (a band unfortunately mostly lost to time and changing tastes), this was a supernatural thriller about Nazis getting in over their heads in a remote mountain town with a long-buried secret.

It also stars Ian McKellan, Gabriel Byrne and numerous others who never, ever talk about their participation in this flick.

The thing languished for years.  Michael Mann has disowned it, Scott Glenn never talked about it, and maybe only Tangerine Dream was out there mentioning it, trying to get people to buy the soundtrack.  Heck, when I saw it a few years ago at The Alamo, we saw the only print known to exist.  The studio doesn't even bother to own a copy other than the master.

Somehow I like this movie.  I mean, its terribly flawed, but I like what somebody involved was trying to do.  I like the clunky, slow pacing, and the fact that you know lots of people are going to get it because, hey, 1/2 the characters are Nazis.

The Keep is now on Netflix Streaming!  I cannot believe this turn of events.  So run, do not walk, to a computer (which you're probably already on), and watch this sort of good film!

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