Sunday, January 15, 2012

This is one of my favorite stories from 2011 (which aired originally in 2007)

I am a regular listener of This American Life and I also pitch them a few bucks every once in a while. They're public radio. Its how it works these days.

Last year I heard this story, and I just realized I'd never linked to it, and I'd never shared it, but its one of best stories I enjoyed last year in any medium. It has everything, and its not all that long.

What blew my mind was that I was just on the This American Life site and noticed they're selling t-shirts (which will not fit me, and tell me the entire audience for TAL is comprised of the spindly little nebbishes and hipsters in tight t-shirts I always supposed comprised the listening audience).

So, listen to the story, and then go buy the shirt. Do not reverse the order of these steps or it will ruin everything.

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